I need a cheap new DD in the next month or so, I’m moving next week and can start looking then. I’m in the Chicago area but could travel a few hours for something special. Budget is cheap af, preferably under a grand, 2 would be about the max most likely, I can do a little work myself but nothing major, don’t have a garage or anything. I want something comfy and low cost of ownership, but I don’t drive much so fuel economy isn’t as important as reliability/repair cost. My 2 main contenders are a 4.6 panther or a 3800 Buick, but because I’m an OPPO I’m open to interesting unreliable things as well, so if you have any thoughts on either of those 2 contenders or find something completely different, post em below. Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll post a couple finalists and see what you guys pick. I’m open to pretty much anything, just not a rustbucket and hopefully with a little style, I’ve always had manuals but think I might be ready for an automatic for a bit, but not a dealbreaker either way.

Here’s my ideal build though, once it’s retired as a dd i wanna turn in into a rallycross car and roll with shopteacher.