Help me find the perfect car? Round 2 $30K CAD

Yes, a Rolls Royce would have course be my perfect car but I dont have that kind of budget yet. In 10 years, I’ll get back to you.

This summer, Rolla (2003 Corolla S) was totalled in a T-bone, my long term (multi mont) rental 300S was rearended with frame damage and I’m now left car less.


I have a preferred budget of $14-20k Canadian but will go up to $30k +/- if it’s the right fit.


1) I fit comfortably, I’m 6ft 3 and an athletic 230lbs. Imagine an American Football player. I prefer an upright sitting position or “straight back” as my accident from the Corolla has damaged my back.

2) Safety is very important. I attract terrible drivers as you read above. 3 not at fault accidents in 6 months, 2 write offs.

3) Fuel Economy. I’m looking for 28mpg or higher on the highway if possible

4) Reliability, Maintenance, Resale. I drive nearly 6300 miles a month (300k miles in 5 years estimated). This may go down in coming months. It needs to be cheap to maintain and bullet proof reliability. Resale is a long shot but decent resale would be nice, plan on keeping it at least a few years.


5) Wants? Leather, Carplay/Decent Infotainment, Driver assist aids (blind spot/auto stop/radar cruise), Power front seats

6) Type of car? Not picky, SUV/Coupe/Sedan/Wagon/Truck? A little unique would be nice and insurance is cheaper if the car is less common. Would like to squeeze a bike or two (wheels off is fine) somewhere in there.

7) It will be winter driven in snow/salt


E.g. 2017 Camaro is 88$ cheaper than a 2014 Fusion SE a month.

Cars I’ve been trying?

Mazda CX-5 GS (2017) - Did not fit, hair was rubbing roof
Mazda CX-9 GS (2017) - Fit so long as it was GS trim or higher with sunroof
Chevy Camaro (2016 and 2017) - Fit with straight spine due to seating position
Chevy Malibu LTZ (2017) - Did not fit, hair touched roof but love the infotainment
Chevy Silveardo/Yukon/Etc - Fit but the fuel economy is so bad...
Mazda 6 GT (2017) - lol, not even close, head was half an inch from the roof (excluding hair).

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