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Help me get tires

So I'm sitting at Firestone right now with the Cougar. Salesman is trying to talk me into getting Fuzion Touring tires made by Bridgestone, at $75 a pop. I've never been a fan of Firestone in General but my dad has an account here or whatever and convinced me to just check it out.

I called my friend who works at a tire shop and he said that Fuzions are cheap and decent, and since they are so cheap can be thrashed around without much of a care (big bonus for me). However they are made in China and are injected with Silica and I am just plain skeptical.


Currently the car has BFGoodrich Radial T/As, which are just plain awesome tires. However they are a bit pricey and none of my local shops have them. Any suggestions? My wheels are rather large and can only fit 225 and above. I believe they are 8 inches.

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