We have a bird feeder in our front window, partly because my wife likes watching the birds, and partly because it’s fun to watch our cats watch the birds. This gray bird with a big orange beak keeps coming around. My wife named it Frank. What kind of bird is Frank?

My wife took several pictures of Frank a while back. I don’t know why exactly these pictures are so shitty looking. Maybe she used the digital zoom on her phone’s camera. I should double check her camera settings.

Frank is a slightly larger-than-average bird with a big orange beak. Noticeably bigger than the little warblers and other similar-sized birds that often show up at the feeder.


He has faint reddish highlights on the top of his head, wings, and tail.  

So far the only thought I’ve had is that Frank is actually a female cardinal, because female cardinals are gray with big orange beaks and faint reddish accents. But Frank (Francine?) doesn’t have that tuft of feathers sticking up from the top of its head.


So, birdwatchers of Oppo, if you’re out there, what the hell kind of bird is Frank?