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Help me Jalop!

So I've moved to Illinois, from Arizona, and am gonna be looking to replace my '05 4Runner (RWD). I want to get something that is 4WD, AWD, or FWD. I'm a big outdoor enthusiast, so whatever it is needs to be able to fit my fishing rods in it. Not that that's saying much, they were able to "fit" diagonally in my '00 Corolla. However, a wagon, SUV, truck, or crossover is preferential to a sedan; but I still want to Jalop! So I'm taking your suggestions on vehicles that will quench that thirst for that certain special automotive thrill that we all feel inside.

Summary of requirements:

4WD, AWD, or FWD
Adequate storage for outdoor gear(including fishing rods up to, and potentially over, 7' 6")
Reliable (this will be my DD and needs to get me to work too)
Manual (where possible)
Can easily be found in good shape (thinking under 80k miles)
That certain special something that we are all seeking in our drive

Budget: $20k'ish. I can go up to around $25k, if I wait longer and get a better down payment together.

Last note: I get supplier discounts on Ford, GM, Chrysler, VW, and Audi through my job. So that can potentially play in as a factor, although I've already explored most of those options. (I wish the diesel Canyons were out already!)

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


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