So I am going to put this here and ask for your opinions even though I am probably going to go for the rarest option or get frustrated with my indecisiveness and do nothing...

Being that I now live away from a big city, and no longer have to duck ignorant tourists, I want to get back to riding. That being said, of the 2 bikes I currently own, one tries to kill me every time I ride it, so its getting sold, and the other is currently in as many pieces as possible in multiple boxes...

So I want something new and reliable. I am trying to keep cost down(ish) because I am saving up for (not sure, but new car toy, but not toy car). I will be getting rid of my hard tail bobber, so I kind of want something classic-ish, but I also miss my sport bike.


My options:

- Triumph Bonneville Bobber

about $13k out the door, totally awesome, Im just not taken by any of the color options.

- MV Agusta Brutale Dragster 800 RR


I’ve wanted this bike since it came out, but finding a white one is way difficult and I will have to travel, likely far, to get one. Also probably about $18k out the door

-Triumph Street Cup


Cafe style, lots of customizable options, essentially its the old Thruxton, 900cc motor, but with a 270 degree crank. They still make the Thruxton, but its now a 1200cc motor. somewhere between 11 and 12 k out the door.

- BMW R Nine T Racer


I always wanted the old r90, loved the horizontal engine, plus, cafe style and the paint scheme is great. 18k out the door so a bit pricey

- MV Agusta F3 800RC


I mean...

Also the AMG race Livery would look seks next to my AMG. But... its the most expensive as well, probably 20ish out the door if I can find the right dealer.


So GO.

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