It has come time to move on from my (increasingly less) trusty 2002 SVT Focus daily driver. Most of you are thinking how this is going to go, but, Aha! I already know what I want to replace it with.

One of these:

My dilemma is thus: I LOVE this color. I dislike the spoiler, the black mirrors, and the Alcantara seats. As these are inseparable parts of that specific package, I will have to get a different color instead. The seats have color-matched stitching, and cannot be swapped for ones from the other models without looking terrible.

I cannot decide which color I want. I will not get black, or red. The silver and grey are rather boring. That leaves me with white and World Rally Blue. And since they have released that Hyper Blue, I just don’t like the WRB all that much.


This means I am left with white. And I just can’t seem to make it my final answer. White cars needs frequent washing to look good. My Sonic Blue SVT can go for a month without washing and still look pretty good.

So am I making a poor choice dismissing silver or grey?

I plan on getting the black 5x100 “STI” wheels and using the stock rims for winter tires.


Show me how I am wrong in my thought process here, if you think I am.