I need an ECU for my 5.0 swap. I have the mounting figured out. Here’s what I do know I’m gonna use:

  • 5.0 HO V8 with a full rebuild kit
  • 4.0 Radiator
  • 4.0 engine mounts + James Duff 5.0 adapter plates Fox Body Convertible Engine Mounts
  • Mustang T-5 with a Ford Racing Reinforced Rebuild kit
  • Explorer Headers
  • My Stock Traction Lock 3.55 geared 8.8 rear end
  • 1994 Thunderbird Electric Fan Assembly
  • 4.0 Alternator
  • 1993-1994 Manual Mustang ECU & Wiring

Now what I still need to figure out:

  • The Heater Box and AC will need to be re positioned for clearance, but where to?
  • What wiring harness could I use?
  • What ECU could I use that would allow for a manual trans? The 5.0 Explorer was Auto only. (I also wanna keep it OBD-I for emissions reasons)
  • Firewall Might need to be modified for bell housing clearance

I could really use some help answering the remaining unknowns, does anybody have any input? Im gonna repost this a bit throughout the week for more input, if the mods have any issue with that please comment.

Edited 03/28/2016- 10:10PM- Thanks to LOUDMUSIC, I got the ECU and wiring figured. Still need to figure out intake though...