I am definitely importing a 126 for myself in the next year or two......but the Piaggio Ape is also growing on me! Am I going to have to import one of those too? :O

Ape 50 panel van!

I like the styling of the Ape 50 more, but a top speed of 45kph in semi-rural Nova Scotian areas isn’t going to cut it. The Ape TM would be a better option! The TM can be had with the bike-like handlebar controls, or you can get it with a steering wheel and car-like gearshift...the latter being my preference. The latter also gives you far more space for a passenger who is too stupid to know riding in your Ape is a bad idea! :P

Ape TM panel van!

I mean, look at it...it’s one cylinder of funky Italian quirkiness! TMs have a top speed of 65kph, so in a land of 80kph speed limits, it would be vaguely adequate here, ish. :P

I imagine some tuning could be done to get a bit more speed though...

Weird vehicles ftw! :P