Help me Oppo. Also, I have an Iphone Xs in my hands, AMA?

My mother got a new phone, she also got a new phone number. But she did everything wrong after that. She’s not exactly techy unless it comes to photography.

She came to me asking for help migrating her WhatsApp account. Since it’s an Iphone, the backups go to Icloud and it’s a pain in the ass. So I asked her if she had backed up her information before, she hadn’t. She then told me the clerk at the carrier store told her to just migrate her phone number. I told her that if she did that, she’d lose all of her information since the backup was still being made.

Literally the only cool thing about an Iphone X

I told her not to do it, but she went ahead and did it anyway without the backup completed. So now she’s got her old Whatsapp acount with Phone Number 1 with all of the previous chat information, and a new Whatsapp account with Phone Number 2 with all of the group chats.

By migrating her account Phone Number 1 got signed out from all of her groups, so now if I delete the new account and re-start the migration procedure, she’s going to loose all of her group chats. If I migrate the new phone number into the old account, thereby signing in all the group chats, She loses the backup, at which point it’s kind of pointless. I am deeply confused by this clusterfuck.

I don’t like Iphones that much, shamefully a series of bad decisions landed me an Iphone 6 and later on an Iphone 8. But if you like these phones, I currently have this Xs Max in my hands. My mother’s reaction after the data miss-handling was to throw the phones at me and shout “Then solve it.” so that’s that.... if you have any questions about it I could answer them. 

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