For a person my age (think within spitting distance of Clarkson) I have a pretty good handle on technology, but this is beyond me. Time Warner (now Spectrum) is the only option in this building for reasons to complicated to explain - no FiOS, no nothing else. I want to cut my $159/month bill down by a lot.

I have: a Pioneer plasma 42" dumb TV with a Mac Mini attached to it; a PS3, a TIVO Roamio, and a decent sound system. I would need to keep Spectrum internet, and they have provided me with a modem and a channel tuner, both of which I rent.

I have HBO Go because I pay for the cable service - it is accessed through the TIVO. I also have, through that device, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video, YouTube, and a couple other things. I have a feeling HBO Go might be able to be converted to a monthly pay account, but probably not available through the TIVO.

I have heard about some sort of flat antenna that I can hook up so I can watch the Jets lose (CBS, Fox) but I generally don’t care about those sorts of channels. I’d like to keep BBC-A and the PBS channel, but it’s not a requirement. Cinemax and whatever channel The Americans is on can go - I’ll just find that content elsewhere.

Help me Oppo - you’re my only hope. How do I configure this mess so I can get content spending under control? Alfa for your time.