I’ve been away for awhile as work change/broke all our internet browsers to better ‘protect’ us, but of course it also prevented actual websites from working too...But that is not my issue...

I am currently starting down my 2nd $3k+ repair in 4 months on my E92 M3 and I am a bit flustered (actuators, oil gaskets, brakes, etc). I have 68000 miles, bought it new, and unsure if I should ride it till another issue arises and sell it...or sell it soon?

It leads into my second issue. I have 0 idea what car I’d want to replace a manual M3. I love Manuel and don’t want to leave it...but there isn’t much left.

I have a solid career, so my price range is flexible in my search. I am looking for sub-80k.

I’ve considered a few cars and a few that aren’t out yet. I’d debated getting one of the Crossovers like the Macan GTS or the upcoming Jag SVR V8 F-Pace as I miss my old 1988 4-Runner some days.

I am not interested in a Mustang or WRX STI, but in Florida ground clearance can be an issue with drainage ditches and shit here. Nothing low. Maybe an RS3?

Ugh...not a happy day as I just finally paid off most of my debt on my Maryland mistake.

Any hot takes? No photos as this browser won’t let me!


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