Well I dun fucked it up....Had a very minor, 1mph tap with someone at a light. They pulled into the lane but didn’t go and I tried to follow. Oops -_-. Didn’t look bad on my part, and it’s now just a black scratch on my car. Apparently this caused all sorts of hell with the escape I tapped on. Now they’re throwing an almost 1000$ repair bill at me. This includes damage like a misaligned liftgate and trim. I find it hard to believe that my car caused all this supposed damage. There was no police report and neither insurance company was contacted yet.

However, and this is where the true fuck up was, I admitted fault on the scene. Yeeeeeeepppp. I did the thing you weren’t supposed to do. She is insistent that I pay up and I don’t know how to fight it without also impacting my driving record. I don’t know if insurance will pay out for it without a police report. But I also know on a police report she’s going to deny and whine and it’s going to be a legal battle I don’t want to spend the time on. Do I just cut the check and walk away? What do I do?

Update - I filed through insurance. I have accident forgiveness so there’s no increase on my rates and I enrolled in a program where every “clean” 6-month period I have, they reduce the deductible for any claims. They’re going to handle it for me and I agree with others - their own adjuster will decide what’s going on and in any event, she/her insurance will be dealing with the faceless and impartial corporate overlords so that’s that.