As some of you may know, I recently bought another non running alfa. This one seemed in good shape and was really cheap. As these things always go, it’ll take more work and money than I though. Now I can only keep one alfa prefect, so now I must chose which to keep. Do I keep my red 85 gtv6 that has a very rust body, needs a full engine rebuild and all the exhaust valves, serious structural rust, a crappy interior, and a new $600 driveshaft or do I keep my new grey 87 milano. Same engine/trans, only needs engine gaskets, no valves, no significant structural rust, about the same cosmetic rust, decent driveshaft and about the same interior. The only things that make it hard is the the red fastback sports car is more appealing than the grey sedan, and that the gtv doesn’t have a title where the milano does. Seems like I got a title for the GTV6, so now they both do. So OPPO, which do I keep?