Videos like this do great things for our projects. They help us discover cost-effective ways of doing hard or expensive work. When we actually do what the video shows, we find out what they never told us in the end; how to get rid of that 40-gallon water/molasses solution in your garage.

Many videos show the power of molasses and water in removing rust from pretty much anything. I read a nice article where a man used it to clean up a BMC 998cc A-block for an old Mini. He then built it into nearly 100hp/liter NA. Entire bodies, whatever, have been dipped for a week and come out bare metal. So what did I do? I got a 40 gallon plastic trash barrel and a 5 gallon bucket of molasses from a local feed store and then got stupidly smart, or smartly stupid (I’m thinking the later) and created a 7:1 solution to remove all rust from my 6 gallon gas tank as well as from any brake and suspension parts I pulled from my own ‘78 Mini.

Long story short, it sort of worked. I also discovered how seized my brake parts were and how difficult the suspension was going to be. I had finished what I wanted to get out of the molasses solution but then had no idea how to get rid of it. It’s almost 40-gallons! I can’t just tip it over into my lawn or driveway...the mosquitos and bugs and odor would be horrible!

Now, the bad part? I procrastinated over this for a long time and it’s been closed up ever since. I have no idea how the fermentation of the last, I think, 4-5 years has gone. If I open it now, the odor might induce endless vomiting and I’ll of course die. Now, I could be incorrect and have found a way to turn into molasses into liquid gold. Who knows what’s now inside that black plastic trash bin by the garage door corner.


How do I get rid of this without a neighborhood toxic event?