Help Me Oppo: Your'e My Only Hope. Part Deux.

Picked up an 85000mi Saab 900 on monday. Nice price, but I fear crackpipe on the horizon. It has a weird smell to the interior. Yesterday, I was advised by multiple posters to try to find the source. Here is my best guess so far.


I noticed this crack in the center reflector section between the tails. Although I have not had it apart yet, in precious hatchbacks I've owned the tails attach in such a way that there is an opening into the interior behind them. Wondering if this lovely colony has leeched smell inside.

I also noticed this discoloration on underside of the "inner hatch flap thing" which I still don't know the name of. Looks like it could be some sort of mold. Damn. Any suggestions for slaying this foul beast of a smell Oppo?

Also any Saab fanatics out there who can direct me to some good parts or info sites? Best message boards you've found. It's been 7.5 years since I purchased my last car, need to build up a new bookmarks folder for this one.

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