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Help Me OppositeLock: You're My Only Hope ...

So about 6 months ago you people helped me solve my problem: dead TIVO, slowing PS3 - it was time to make a change. So I got this thing.

But this thing isn’t streaming YouTube anymore- goes to the intro screen, but won’t load. We cut the cable last year, so YouTube is important, along with Amazon and Netflix. The TV is an old Pioneer Kuro plasma (a gift), and the picture still looks gorgeous, and there’s a slightly less old Sony sound system driving my 90s Danish speakers. Everything is wireless - the router/modem is mounted on the ceiling.

I don’t have the energy to go to bat with Sony to replace the thing, even though it’s still under warranty. I can still use it as a bluray player. I need something else ....


Oh wait: Apple TV? We’re total Apple here - two iPhones, three iPads, a Macbook Pro, a Mac Mini, and some other fallen soldiers that we should really recycle.

But is this the right choice? Apple TV is about 200 bucks. Roku is a foreign word to me. Is there some sort of connectivity miracle that will occur if I add yet another Apple device? Am I wasting money?

Any advice would be appreciated.

PS: I have been told (and I follow orders) that in the next year or two the dumb Pioneer TV will go in the bedroom and will be replaced in the LR with whatever Sony OLED is available. Pioneer is 42". but she wants something like a 55". So we’ll have a smart TV.

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