We have confirmed that the engine in the 70 T-Bird is the factory 429 Thunderjet. One of the things that is exciting about this project is that the car is almost unmodified stock - everything except the Edelbrock triangle of death is pretty much stock - down to the am radio. This car has potential.

This may sound like a stupid question, but am I correct that any air cleaner assembly that fits a 429 will fit this car? I just want to buy a simple aftermarket product to save money.


The other amazing thing is how readily available parts are. It is hard to find trim and interior parts for the Sunchaser, but my early explorations show T Bird parts are plentiful.


Do you know this web site https://www.tbirdhq.com?

If they are to be believed, they have the rear quarter panel that is rusted through for only $175!! I need to follow uo, because this will mean our body repairs will be much cheaper than anticipated. If any of you have restored an old T Bird, I would be interested in your experiences. My son and I want to do as much as we can on our own, and see what we can learn.


It may be time to look at a compressor and air powered tools. Should I take a trip to Harbor Freight? I definitely need tools.

The goal of this project is a reasonable driver that looks good by graduation in 2019. Then he can take a car he loves into adulthood and can modify or whatever as he sees fit. I paid for it, and I told him he can buy it from me with sweat equity and busted knuckles.