I’m messing around with finding out which cars had the highest specific outputs for a naturally aspirated engine inside a production car. Would you all chime in, please? I started this when I realized V6 engines have been pushed crazy far with forced induction but NA hasn’t really done much. I’ll have to look into some NA 3-cyl vehicles.

Summary for now. I just did naturally aspirated engines in production cars that I could think of off the top of my head, so feel free to add and correct:

Flat 4 - 102.5 hp/L (BRZ/86)

Inline 4 - 123.5 hp/L (S2000)

V6 - 94.59 hp/L (370Z)

Straight 6 - 112.5 hp/L (M3)

Flat 6 - 125 hp/L (911 GT3)

V8 - 132.67 hp/L (458)

V10 - 117.31 hp/L (R8)

V12 - 122.06 hp/L (F12)

S2000 still has the meanest production car 4-cylinder I can think of. The 2.0L I4 makes 237 hp (US/Eur) meaning 118.5 hp/L. The 247 hp (JDM) version placed the specific output at 123.5 hp/L.


Whether you pick a 911 GT3 with the 3.8L H8 rated at 475 hp or the 4.0L H8 rated at 500 hp you will end up with a specific output of 125 hp/L.

Ferrari 458 used a 4.5L V8 making 562 hp and eventually 570 hp (that means 124.89 hp/L and 126.67 hp/L) while the Speciale hit 597 hp (132.67 hp/L).

Audi R8 V10 plus uses a 5.2L V10 making 610 hp which puts it up to 117.31 hp/L. Kind of boring compared to the S2000.

The Ferrari F12tdf has a 6.3L V12 rated at 769 hp so we are talking about 122.06 hp/L.


Everything else I’m just guessing with until I hear otherwise. Give me those I3, I5, and whatever else you got.

Thank you, Oppo

***Im heading to sleep right now. Ill update after everyone has thrown their hat into the ring. Thanks again!

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