So I’ve got an American Stratocaster that I don’t like taking no work to play during my lunch, but I DO like playing guitar during my lunch. So I’m just finishing building a Strat to take with me that’s less pricey than my MIA. Problem is I’ve got two bodies, so I’m turning to you guys for help.

First choice, this is a poplar gunmetal gray body from Guitar Fetish. I like the color, but I think the bridge is mounted slightly crooked...I can’t really tell until the neck gets here tomorrow. I dig the color though, it’s a little darker and bluer than the Grigio Gray on the Clapton Strat.

Second choice, good ‘ol Candy Apple Red. This is an alder Fender body off of a Classic Player 60s model...the bridge is totally straight on this one for sure because Fender drilled the holes and not my dumb ass. This is the direction I’m leaning, because I used to have a CAR Telecaster partscaster I built that I wish I would have kept.


What do you guys think? The neck is maple with a gloss vintage tint and chrome Gotoh locking tuners. It’s gonna be a good guitar whichever color I go, but still.