Help me pick a number style [Oppopinions wanted]

Not my car (1964 Ginetta G4 found on Google as a roundel example)

I decided to go with a retro roundel style number for auto cross, and my supplier mocked up some possible examples. I keep coming back to the same one (and naturally my wife said she liked other ones), but I’m curious about Oppopinions.

I’d like to have a sweet poll like for NPoCP, but I’m not willing to create a account just for this, so let me know your vote with a comment. Ignore the font for the class letters, that could be anything, just imagine the number in the circle stand-alone on the side of the car.


(And I’m using #5 because in the first races of the year no one locally seemed to be using that single digit number, which made tape application quicker. Later I realized that this is Speed Racer’s number.)

The different styles each have a different letter label in the upper right

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