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So for our one year anniversary, my wife and I are going to take a trip to Costa Rica. I plan on driving around the Carribean side of the country, and am going to rent a car from Wild Rider.


Wild Rider offers a couple cars: a Suzuki Jimny, a Daihatsu Terios and Bego, a RAV4, and a Hyundai Tucson. They all have manuals except for the Tucson, so hooray! I am thinking of getting the Terios, since apparently the Jimny is slower than pretty much anything, but wanted to see if Oppo (especially the Europeans) had any experience with any of the foreign to US market cars (I know RAV4's and Tucson's, but the RAV4 is almost 100 bucks more a week, and the Tucson is auto). Thanks!


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