For an upcoming trip out to Los Angeles to visit my girlfriend, I plan on renting a car during the weekend for some fun driving around. The only things I really care about is that the car is fun and that it doesnt cost too much (looking to spend under $300 total for 3 days). Manual is highly preferred but not absolutely required, lots of power would probably help me forget. Here is the list I have come up with so far:

I’m an Engineer so I love seemingly pointless lists like this haha. Note that the price listed there doesnt include the fees so its like $50 to $70 higher or so for the total.

My tops right now:

If it were a manual I would have chosen this one. I dont like NC Miatas but I am willing to give it a chance
automatic but I figured more power should be better than an NC Miata


automatic, but 400 hp would help me forget

A lot of the others are further down the priority list due to low mileage restriction (100 miles a day is a stretch but maybe doable) or they are just expensive. My overall favorite is the M235 since its a manual but its just too pricey and my girlfriend kinda wants a convertible. It is SoCal so it makes sense!


And the last one, an S2k. I really want to choose that one since then I get a manual and its cheap. But the biggest concern is the reviews talk about exhaust leaks and poor maintenance, as recent as December. Plus its only 100 miles a day. But I could swing it if I wasnt worried the car would fall apart.