Some of you may have read that my 66 Mustang recently was totaled when a construction worker driving a Ford 350 (hey, at least it stayed within the family) decided to turn left without looking. So now I am looking for a new "fun" vehicle β€” with airbags and shoulder belts since I still have kids at home!) and I think I have narrowed it down to the following choices in which to invest my insurance settlement (listed in order of anticipated price). Probably won't be able to use a convertible that much this summer since I have to stay out of the sun to try to avoid plastic surgery (the crash split my forehead open quite nicely, thank you), but ... convertible! And hey, let me know if I should be considering something different.

1. New Alfa Romeo 4C: This obviously is delayed gratification since no one knows when these will hit the US. And if I buy one (eventually), will I be disappointed a year later when the spider version arrives? What will it cost? I have seen anywhere from $70k to $90k, and who knows what the dealers will try to get out of you. So I think this is the most expensive of the four options.

2. 2005 Ferrari 360, with around 16,000 miles. In honor of Doug DeMuro. Will the upkeep costs kill me, despite what Doug says? Yes, silver (but not this one), and the 15,000 mile service already has been done.

3. New Jaguar F-Type convertible: a beautiful car. Probably spring for only the base model, or maybe the S (the S probably makes this more expensive than the Ferrari).


4. 2012 Lotus Evora IPS 2+2: Definitely fun to drive, but it's not like I am going to be going to the track much (if ever). But probably $20k cheaper than the other three cars. And what I really am looking for is a fun car to drive on the weekends.


Thanks for the help!