Help me pick out track day photos to buy

Photos with a check mark are ones I was thinking about going with. One of the pics from the bottom row of the second image I also had in mind but havent chosen yet.

From my recent track day at Laguna Seca, I have learned that I forgot to insert the memory card into my dash cam before leaving home! So that means I have no video footage of my first time at Laguna nor from any of the PCH driving I was hoping to upload as well. Oh well, such is life. As a consolation prize, I planned on buying photos from the group that takes professional photos for the track group I run with. I have purchased a video clip from them before and have been quite happy with that purchase. I plan on picking out three for a package of digital downloads at 1200px for $24 (its like $22 PER photo in full res and I dont plan on printing it, so that’s unnecessary). Above are the thumbnails for every photo with me in it. Also, here is the link to the event if you feel like checking out other photos of track cars out that day:


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