I have the worst first world problem going on right now.... I need some help picking out some new wheels. All of the current options for the new corvette aren’t bad but not quite what I am looking for. I chose the standard no cost wheels for my build and plan on swapping them out immediately. Right now I am looking at the Vossen HF2 as a potential candidate and you can get some nice concave action on the rear. I like both the black and satin bronze. The car’s color will be long beach red so I am trying to pick some colors to compliment that.


I am open to other options and colors. I want to keep the current size of the stock wheels which I believe are

Front: 19-inch x 8.5-inch (w/5 x 120mm bolt pattern)

Rear: 20-inch x 11-inch (w/5 x 120mm bolt pattern)

Budget isn’t much of an issue but something like $1200 a wheel isn’t what I am looking for.

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