Help me plan a 5 day trip to America's auto Mecca

No, not Detroit. I’m gonna be spending 5-6 days in LA this spring, and while my budget it not unlimited, my schedule is. I’ve been to basically every state east of Wyoming, but never west of there, and California has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’m finally going this spring, and need to explore LA, particularly the car scene. First of all, I’m wondering what y’all can tell me about Turo. We’ll be flying into LAX late at night and out early in the morning, and have a budget of about $325 max to rent a car. Needs to be able to take two people, and two big suitcases from the airport to the apartment where we’re staying. I’m leaning towards some fun convertible from Turo like a 3-Series vert or 124 Spider, but I know very little about the service, so any insight you can give on that would be helpful.

Beyond that, I know I want to hit up the Petersen museum and do lots and lots of car spotting. Obviously Beverly Hills is the place to see Lamborghinis with dealer tags running around, but I want to know where to go to see older, more unusual stuff. So give me your suggestions for car-related attractions, car spotting hotspots, or really anything you think would be good for me to know (yes, I know LA traffic is the worst). Also, suggest driving roads. Pacific Coast Highway? Mulholland Drive? Where should I look?

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