Help me scratch my itch

I posted the Cooper S x DS3 doubt some days ago....those would be.1/2 daily drivers just meant to give me fun when I drive. I’d be more than happy to do regular services on the car, but I don’t imagine myself doing a full engine/suspension rebuild in a “modern” (10yo) car.

The only thing apart from family that makes my eyes shine is spannering/wrenching on cars. I lose hours and hours reading and watching videos about it. As a background, my 1977 Opala was bought in poor condition and I just put it in a bed, sent to a trusted mechanics, and wasted a ton of money on it. I deeply regret that, and I think that I would be happier and have spent less money if I have done things myself. 

My 1977 Opala
Photo: Personal archive

So here I am, living in the UK, with time and space to fix something (money is always a detail), but there is nothing affordable and meaningful enough to make me pull the trigger and start using my tools (and hurting my knuckles).

I accept all suggestions on how to scratch this itch of mine.

PS: Am I wrong to think that a 2008 Mini Cooper S won’t give me a lot to do?

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