This isn't car-related (although it could be!), so sue me. I just bought a new TV and it came with a $150 gift card to Dell's online store, which surprisingly sells more than just computers. Therein lies the problem!

I was going to just put it towards a new media center PC until I discovered all the other options. Then I was leaning towards a soundbar system, but now I'm eyeing an Xbox 360 since I've never owned anything but Playstations and I'm tired of seeing you guys have fun in Forza (also, you can't look around the exterior of your car during a race in GT6 and that is just bullshit).

But, I could also get a cheap tablet! Or maybe a nice pair of headphones. DECISIONS. I'm willing to put up $200 max of my own money if the item in question is "worth it." What does that mean? You tell me!

Rally Eagle for your time.