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Ladies and Gentlemen of Oppo, the time has come to set aside my tax refund and immediately dump it back into my 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo. If you forgot, I bought the Big Blue Beauty/Monica (interchangeable names I’ve give the Monte) at the end of last July. I enjoyed her until about mid September, after that point she has been parked under a car cover for the winter. Now that the New England warmth has returned, and cruise season is just around the corner, I need to address a couple things.

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My budget is around $5-6k, and I’ve broken down my wants vs needs.


Address a fuel leak near back end of car

New seats/seatbelts


New fluids


Efi system

Electric cooling fan

Center consol with drink holder

Car care products

LED light/gauge upgrade

Trunk seperation panel/carpet

My question to you is, assuming I take care of all the needs, what item from my want category should I buy? The Monte has a SBC 350, with a three speed hydromatic transmission, with a small double barrel carburetor. My cooling comes from a crank mounted fan, but I’m missing a shroud.


Let me know how you would spend my money. Thanks

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