Ok Oppo, here we go. Our favorite activity (besides driving, CL, Internet commenting, day dreaming, eating, sleeping, drinking, binging in general, pretending to know what we’re talking about, etc): telling random people what they should buy with their money.

Here’s the overview:

Coworker has a Civic that she admits is still good and can be run into the ground. She, however, wants to upgrade to something more comfortable given her commute. Preference is awd (still acknowledges snow tire benefits). Location is the north of Boston. Looking at new to lightly (3 years old) used with a cap of $25k (may wiggle more for the perfect find). Automatic. Sedan or SUV body style, mid-size preferred.


Wants - heated leather seats, sunroof, power adjusted seats...no real care for tech.

Ranked most important to least important - POWER, comfort, ground clearance, tech, efficiency. In our discussions, comfort has been the most common consideration as her drive is about an hour each way. Input on reliability/maintenance/experiences is appreciated.

Recommended the Legacy but I have been hung up on an AWD Volvo S60. What are your thoughts?

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