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Looked in my rearview mirror yesterday and saw a current-ish gen. white Camaro weaving through traffic, obviously going a lot faster than the traffic around it. Traffic that was already significantly above the 65 posted limit. Judging by how fast it went past me, I’m guessing it was going 85-90. Around here t his definitely in the if a cop or trooper sees you, you’re getting a ticket range.

As the thing goes past I see it’s a Z28 with a personalized tag: PASSN U

How fucking stupid do you have to be to get PASSN U as a tag, on any car? Having that tag pretty much guarantees you get no slack anytime you’re pulled over. If you’re ever in an accident you’re going to have to prove to the police and any insurance companies you weren’t at fault. Every human being you meet is going to assume, correctly, that you’re an asshole.


How ridiculously fucking stupid do you have to be to put PASSN U on your plates and then drive like enough of an ass to guarantee you’re going to get pulled over if a cop sees you?

How insanely ridiculously fucking stupid do you have to be to put PASSN U on a Z28, pretty much insuring that when your car gets keyed on a semi-weekly basis you get no sympathy from the police or your insurance agent?


And here is the part I don’t get. How can someone that ungodly insanely ridiculously fucking stupid afford a Z28 in the first place?

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