I need help with recording games for my YouTube channel. I have OBS to record the gameplay, my face, and the game audio, but I don’t know how to record my voice or the voices of my friends through Skype or Teamspeak. I have installed VB Voicemeeter, a virtual mixing device used to record every sound your computer hears, including voice communication and game audio. However, I was wondering if there is a program (preferably free) I can use to just record voice audio. That way, I can adjust the volume of my/my friend’s voice in the edit so that it is not overwhelmingly loud compared to the game. Anybody have any ideas?

I’m also having issues with my new phone, the Galaxy S6. It’s a great phone, but it seems to have a problem when using the web browser. On my old iPhone 5, I could use Safari, use a different app for quite a while, and return to Safari and continue exactly where I left off. On the S6, leaving Google Chrome for just a few seconds returns me back to the homepage, which is very annoying when I am trying to write something on Oppo. It it just an Android thing? Or am I doing something wrong?

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So that this post is car-related, I saw a Rapide that looked just like this a few days ago. The front is still hideous in my opinion.

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