Something weird happened this weekend. This photo showed up in my camera roll on my phone (iPhone 6s). I didn’t take this photo, though admittedly it is something I would probably photograph.

I’m not looking for advice on information security or iPhone hacks or suggestions for Android alternatives. I just thought I would poll the Oppo hive mind to see if you could provide some additional context for the image above.


What I do know

That’s a metallic red Mercedes G550 4x4 squared. The blokes surrounding it seem to be fans of soccer/football. They appear to be outdoors. There is an official looking Mercedes information placard next to the vehicle.

My Investigation So Far

  • Reverse Google image search yielded no similar results. Just a generic collection of red SUV’s
  • Looking at the EXIF data offered zero clues: no device info, no location data. Just basic info on image size
  • A vehicle matching this description was on the auto show circuit and even appeared at Amelia Island, though I can’t seem to find a venue that matches the background in this image
  • A vehicle matching this description is for sale in Sarasota Florida

That’s all I’ve got.

Maybe you know some of these blokes. Maybe you’re familiar with this venue or have seen this vehicle. Any additional info would be appreciated. Thanks!



Some suggested I may have fat finger saved the photo and it appears that’s likely the case. Thanks to E90M3 for providing a link to the original Oppo post. Muchas gracias to all who commented.



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