So I got a pre-owned(?) Xbone for Father’s Day, because my wife is nuts and even though I told her I’d rather spend my nights and weekends in the garage (I haven’t) working on my Trans Am (barely) than play vidya gaymes, she thought I deserved it. And she likes watching me kill zombies in State Of Decay.

So I hooked her all up, ran my WiiU through the HDMI instead of TV because FUCK leaving it on all the time just so the kids can watch cartoons, and after the 2gig update for the system, and the FIVE gig install of the game.... I have yet to play anything on it.


It says I can download Forza5. And it doesn’t say anywhere about cost. What? Its a 40+ gig download and when I went to the Xbox store it just said “Do you really want to download this? It’ll take all fuckin day” but never said a price.

Am I supposed to get it for free?

Should I?

Is it not ironic that my WiiU is accessed through my Xbox? Huehue.