So my brother is between his junior and senior year at Duke University in North Carolina and is looking for his first car! I already suggested all of the Donks found on the Raleigh Durham CL but he was not interested for some odd reason. Anyway, he is an adventurous person; always rock climbing, camping, hiking, and skiing. Here is what he wants:

A wagon for under $4,500 that gets decent mileage and can fit all of his stuff. He also wants to be able to sleep comfortable in the back so something where the rear seats fold completely flat or can be removed is a huge plus.

I have suggested quite forcible a W123 Wagon and he was inquiring about a 2004 9-5 Wagon.

Oppo, what would you suggest? What are your opinions on the 9-5? Anyone have experience sleeping in wagons before and con recommend a comfortable one?