Help my friend find a car to buy this weekend!

In preparation for our cheap car challenge in August, Taylor needs to buy a car. Unfortunately an overly robust social and volunteer life means he only has this weekend and next to buy it. He is working nights both weekends, so an out of town trip is out of the question.

Here are his criteria:

  1. Under $3,000
  2. Running and driving with no major mechanical work needed (minor will be considered but is not preferred)
  3. Manual transmission strongly preferred
  4. 4WD/AWD preferred but not required
  5. CLEAN TITLE (No rebuilt, salvage, or missing)
  6. Within 1 hour of downtown Austin, TX

As for the car style, here are his thoughts:

A small SUV would be cool (someone find me a Tracker or Sidekick!!)

I am not particularly feeling a sedan

I am not opposed to something outrageous

I would like to avoid brands that make things hard to fix

I do not particularly care for wagons

(I know, I know... I’ll tear up his petrolhead card later....)

His previous car history is as follows:

  1. 1999 Chevrolet Suburban
  2. 2005 Nissan XTerra
  3. 1988 Nissan D21 (Cheap car challenge car #1) (manual)
  4. 1995 Toyota 4Runner (Cheap car challenge car #2) (manual)
  5. 2015 Nissan XTerra (manual)

So yeah... not a lot of diversity there, but at least he know what he likes and has seen the light on manual transmissions. (You’re welcome!)


For my part, I’ve been barking up the Miata tree for a while now. I’ve been using AestheticsInMotion’s posts to convince him a Miata can handle all the terrain Canada can throw at us and trying to convince him drop-top life is the best life.

It has not been working.

So help me Oppo! Post links to cars for sale and I’ll make sure he gets them. Hell if you have a car you want to sell him and are willing to get it to Austin, post those too.

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