A co-worker and good friend purchased a Jaguar XFR-S nine months ago. He’s from the UK and works with me on-site in Belgium. He has serious issues with his Jag; both “lemon-style” issues (repairs) but also issues with different dealerships joyriding and damaging the car. Paul has put a Facebook page together (see below link.) Further down I have an overview from Paul explaining what is going on.

Okay, so it’s been 9 months since I collected my brand new XFR-S. Was crazy excited to get it and had wanted this car for years. Drove down from Liverpool to London to collect it four months later than expected because of QA/technical reasons.

When the day finally came - we ended up having a really stressful time at Stratstone Mayfair Jaguar - left for hours on end in an overheated basement room while they ripped my PX (Merc C63 AMG) to bits, at one point accusing it of having a full respray. Luckily, the lovely folks over at Cheshire Auto Detailing were on hand to correct them.

Eventually, the deal was done, I accepted a very poor PX value because I was broken down by their constant nitpicking - but I had the XFR-S ! Only 20 had been made! Their Fastest ever Saloon car - my grin was from ear-to-ear and I drove away a happy chap...!

It broke down a week later and they had it for two months... The car was joyridden, damaged, repaired sneakily and finally I got it back. All seemed good until... in the new year it broke down again - this time they have had it for nearly three months (...and counting) - and the joyriding happened again but this time the damage wasn’t repaired.