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Help! (Not an important thing) (SOLVED)

I want to buy one of these since I can't afford both and the still-unreleased GTA V PC copy, so help me make a decision.

The one on the left is $45 and the one on the right is $56. My last purchase from Illest had a $9 S&H fee, so these two will either be $54 or $65. Now obviously you'll be telling me to get the cheaper one, but a) no hood b) no pocket and c) no completely inconspicuous not-large-at-all Illest logo. But the more expensive one does not have a RWB 911 on it. My friend is telling me to go for the 911. But I want a hood. Dilemma? I think so. /FirstWorldProblems

Edit: Ok, I'm getting the 911 one. Y'all better not all take the small and not let me get one.

Edit 2: Turns out there ARE NO SMALLS LEFT. :(

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