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Help Oppo. Im at my diagnostic wits end

So I just put 1/2 a gallon of coolant in the Suzuki. Theres a small puddle underneath it when parked. But I just ran it for 15 min and couldnt get it to leak.

Its got a new head gasket, new water pump, new timing belt, new radiator, and a new thermostat.


The hoses are still original and so is the cap. When I put coolant in it was overheating at idle. When I opened the cap it did not spray at me. Also the overflow was bone dry.

It appears to be leaking in the center-front of the engine bay, but that also could have been spillage from me filling it. The coolant is not airating.


I’m thinking its a pressure hose or the radiator cap. My sources say it should be a 16 lb. cap; this one is a 13 lb. Cap. But we’ve driven it 12k miles and this is the first cooling system fault its had since the head job.

Its a 1996 Suzuki X-90, G16B (1.6L 16 valve SOHC), automatic 4x4. Any ideas oppo?

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