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Help Pick a New Car!

My partner is looking to buy a new car by the end of the year, so the search begins! He’s very open minded and trusts those of us who know cars well.

He currently drives a 2005 Nissan Altima. He LOVES that it’s been super reliable - it’s never needed a repair of any kind. He HATES that it’s slow and boring.


He’s looking for a car that fits the following description:

  • 2 door (no sedans)
  • decent trunk space
  • fun to drive
  • good looking
  • extremely reliable (shoot for no repairs for the first 10+ years)
  • He’s not really into hot hatches :(
  • EDIT: Under $50k
  • EDIT: Max 2 years old and/or less than 20k miles

This was my gut reaction:

Illustration for article titled Help Pick a New Car!

It basically fits the description perfectly.

But I’d like to see what y’all throw out for us! Include a picture, because we like looking at pictures.

Thanks in advance! I’ll keep you posted on the search. :)

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