What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Update: I appreciate all the advice not to panic. I called the dealer and the way it was explained to me is that even though we signed the contract, the leinholder still has to buy it, so for whatever reason it was Chase that picked it up. All terms have to remain the same. The manager I talked to agreed that I should have received a courtesy phone call and told me that he would contact whoever made the decision and let them know. So I THINK we’re okay.

Good evening Oppo. I’ve run into a weird predicament. This evening I logged into my chase account and under our open accounts I noticed the auto loan for the Civic we just bought. HOWEVER, in the F&I office we were told we were financing through American Honda Finance Corp. Its stamped on our paperwork. The loan terms, payments and payment dates are all identical to what was listed on the paperwork, however it currently appears Chase is holding the loan...not American Honda Finance Corp. I have already told our insurance that the loan is through Honda...I guess my question is how much hell do I need to raise tomorrow morning? Are there any dealer oppos (specifically in Texas) that can chime in?


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