I NEED HELP!!! I am thinking of buying a lr defender (im in the US) of the 60s-80s variety. It has been sitting for years. I am currently not licensed but can get it in another year (under aged, not arrests). Would it be worth buying now and making drivable over the next year or so (I would like to purchase for around $300-$500 if I can) or should i not bother? I would have to daily drive it for a bit probably (with freeway driving). I'm not sure of engine or year yet. I will post more details once I get the chance to ask the owner.

Has anyone here restored one themselves? Is it an impossible task for someone without a massive knowledge of these engines?

PS: I realize how weird this all sounds. If you have and q's, just comment

also, does anyone know a good US defender forum?

Special thanks to TrevorF for helping me so much!

Yet ANOTHER update: if anyone in the LA area has a rust free 60's pickup that you want to dump for cheap (that won't need much or anything to run), you have someone in the market!