What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

My accessory belt just snapped in my F350. I’m 150km from home and the only belt available nearby is for a single alternator setup.

Would I be damaging anything if I just bypass the second alternator? Will my truck act up as a result of it?


Thanks in advance..


1. 3D673Power steering pump pulley

2. 19A216Accessory drive belt idler pulleys

3. 8A528Water pump pulley

4. 6B209Accessory drive belt tensioner (A/C compressor drive belt)

5. 6312Crankshaft pulley

6. 8620Accessory drive belt (A/C compressor)

7. 19D784A/C clutch pulley

8. 6B209Accessory drive belt tensioner

9. 10344Generator pulley (single generator)

10. 10344Generator pulley (dual generator, if equipped)

11. 8620Accessory drive belt (dual generator)

12. 8620Accessory drive belt (single generator)


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