Hello everyone on here, several of which are professionals. Here’s a blue F40 for tribute. It is once again resume/internship season at my school and I need some help with a decision.

I’m currently a Petroleum Engineering student at the University of Tulsa and for the past two years, I haven’t been able to get an internship, part of it is it’s near impossible to get it during my first year and my second year I had a terrible GPA. But I heard by the third year, (EVENTHOUGH MY GPA GOT WORSE) I have a bigger chance getting an internship. Part of the reason I think is I’ve only been adding to my resume and now it looks small and cramped and I thought it was time for a refresh.

Here’s the question, is it better to have one of those normal looking Times New Roman/Arial resumes or to have those new fancy schmancy Graphic Designer designed resumes if I’m applying to an oil company. Would they appreciate the extra work I put to making a nicer and colorful resume or would it just bother them when it came to uploading it and reading it on their application sites?

Here’s an example of what I would make if I made one (AND BY THAT I MEAN COPY SOMEONE ELSE’S FROM THIS WEBSITE CALLED BEHANCE)


Thanks in advance!