Help save a guys car, and his daughter

Not sure if this was shared over here or not (was originally posted to the FP on Friday, sorry if this is a re-post to OPPO), but I just contributed to the Youcaring fundraiser site. If you didn’t see the post his daughter needs some treatments that cost about 6500 each. He’s selling his prized Subaru to pay for it. Story is legit and confirmed from multiple avenues. Lets not turn this into a debate about healthcare costs, just think about the guy and his daughter please.

Some of you guys know that I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs as a parent. I have a 4.5 year old son who was in the hospital at 2 months old, 1 daughter in heaven who I didn’t really even have a chance to fight for, and a 5 month old daughter. I’d do anything for any one of them and I’d sell the Mercury’s in a heart beat if it helped.


Let’s try and help a good guy keep his car!

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