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Help! They accepted my offer...

Not car related so... pic for your time?

From a fun drive a few months ago.

Sort of freaking out. I’ve only been searching a few months, but I’ve been researching for years so I feel like I know enough to move forward. But, I only actually walked into 4 houses. Seems suspicious that I could find something I actually want to pay HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for that quickly, especially given what I’m looking for and my budget. I’m really nervous that having my first real commute could end up not being worth all the other benefits I’d be getting with this house. I’m really nervous my friends will never drive the extra time to come see me. And, I’m really nervous that all my math for all this time is somehow wrong and I’m not going to be able to afford to be even just comfortable. But I digress...

MY OFFER GOT ACCEPTED! I’m (probably) getting a house, with a yard, with a garage, with new utilities, a sun room, a new shed, etc etc etc. God I hope it’s a clean inspection. I have SO MUCH to do now before closing, and to move, and set up my new living situation. It’s overwhelming, but I can’t wait until I can do an oil change and bleed my brakes then walk inside and get a drink. I will have to slowly build up my garage (and my house furnishings) though so I don’t just go crazy.

Doesn’t look amazing in this picture given the season, but the inside is way better than it should be.

I had some questions, but damn my head is swimming and I can’t think of them. Maybe later lol what were your first houses like??

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