Hi Opposite lockers!

I start a new job in January and I’ll be driving on the highway for most of the commute. I currently have an early 2000’s miata that I love but I don’t enjoy driving it on the highway (cruising above 4000rpm) and winter is coming (I don’t wan’t to turn this post into an argument about miata’s in snow but they suck for that). So I want to get something that drives nice on the highway, has good fuel economy, that has an emphasis on handling, and I can get for under $15k Canadian. Or! Get something dirt cheap and tolerable and keep the miata for pleasure. I’m looking for ideas! This is what I have so far:

Honda CR-Z. Pros: Great fuel economy, emphasis on driving. Test drove better than I was expecting. The used resale value is really cheap. Cons: 2-seater (I have a family of 3). I don’t know anything about them.

Nissan Micra. Pros: Good Fuel economy, cheap brand new. Cons: I’m assuming these aren’t fun to drive.

Ford Fiesta ST. Pros: Good Fuel economy, fun to drive. Cons: Too expensive brand new and can’t find used ones anywhere.

Fiat 500 Abarth. Pros: Ok Fuel economy, fun to drive, can find used for price range. Cons: How are they on the highway? Snow?


Any thing else I should look into and why? Thanks!