Help Us and Josh Will Get Hit in the Face with a Pie

Hi all, Josh here.

If you know RFD you’ll know we’ve been around since 2007. Chances are you’ve seen our content. I hope you have, at least. We’ve been on the front page of Jalopnik a number of times and I’m sure you’ve read our articles on The Drive and AutoTrader. Possibly some other outlets, too.

Anyway, I’m REALLY trying to represent RFD at Speed Academy’s YouTuber Track Challenge. There are YouTubers, there’s a Miata, a race track and a leaderboard. We’re 5k subscribers short of being eligible.


Now, I’m not asking for you to receive alerts from new RFD videos — but just subscribing will go a long way.

In return, I’ll take a pie to the face live on the RFD YouTube channel for every 1,000 new subscribers as of this writing (5,321 subscribers). We’ll even put up a poll for the pie flavor.

If I get to represent RFD on Speed Academy’s challenge I’ll wear an Opposite Lock hat. Don’t exist? I’ll make one. You guys will have made this happen.

Would love nothing more than to meet the Speed Academy guys and see this become a reality.


Here’s to 5 pies to the face.

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