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Bored? Anybody want to write some satirical car articles for absolutely no reward?

I’m writing up a full website from scratch for a class project. It’s a news site (noncommercial, solely exists as an exercise) and it’s got an autos section. Needs filling, can’t use placeholder text.

If you want to write up a ridiculous article of any length in the next several hours, leave it here! You will be credited on the article!


Here’s one I just pooped out:

Mazda Skips The RX-9 Altogether, Starts Spreading RX-10 Rumors

Rotary enthusiasts know how the story goes: RX-7, RX-8, then a solid half decade filled with monthly RX-9 rumors and hasty renderings. On Wednesday, Mazda announced “the suspense is over” and that the company would be forgoing the idea of the RX-9 completely, ditching it for the “far superior” RX-10 sports car.

Rumors about the new model will be available as early as next spring, according to Mazda. “We plan to release a rumor each month,” a Mazda spokesman told Genis. “We know how important a constant stream of empty promises is to our loyal customers,” he added.

The final RX-9 rumor is slotted to be released this summer.

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